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VEGAS DIE by S.P. Grogan

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Someone is killing the old mobsters of Las Vegas and the Mayor is the #1 suspect.  Author’s first novel written with the colorful former Mayor Oscar Goodman in mind, a past defense lawyer for ‘reputed’ mobsters.  Novel is sub-titled ‘a Quest Mystery’, where within the story were hidden clues that would lead ‘Questors’ to a hidden dagger in the Las Vegas Valley redeemable for $25,000. Vegas Die was selected as ‘Best Regional Fiction’.  And Review Journal newspaper named it, “One of the best summertime reads.” The ultimate Sin City mystery.

Vegas Die, a Quest Mystery-- hard cover, softcover & E-book (2020) republished Special 15th Anniversary Edition ISBN 978-1-59211-042-1 (won an IPPY Award for 'Best Regional Fiction') Also available in audio CD at Books-In- Motion. Published by Addison & Highsmith, imprint of   415 pages

Plot:  When Casino Executive Owen McCombs discovers a dead gangster in the trunk of the Mayor’s car, he needs to find answers quick—not only to save the Mayor’s political career, but to keep his own freedom since Metro Homicide Detective Chastity Tempest Taggart, already pumped up from throwing her ex-husband into jail, is motivated to prove McCombs and the Mayor guilty!

Quotes: “I don’t know if Mayor Goodfella is believable. After all, I’m quiet and unassuming and I know for a fact we never had mobsters in Las Vegas.” Snarky comment from former Mayor Oscar B. Goodman and board director of the Mob Museum.

“Vegas Die is the ultimate Sin City Mystery.” – author Brian Rouff

A Quest Mystery. Return of the Questors. For 2024 onward another revised treasure hunt (referred to as 2.0). Clues in the book and (and elsewhere in the Vegas Valley) leading Questors to a Spanish doubloon worth $2,500. Armchair Questors welcomed.  Also see Treasure Hunts.

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