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UNKNOWN MAN NO. 89 by Elmore Leonard

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Elmore Leonard's novel, Unknown Man No. 89, was originally published in 1977. This is a slipcase boxed Limited Edition published in 1989 by Armchair Detective Library (by Otto Penzler). SIGNED #36 on the special interior front page. Very Good Condition.

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plot:  Detroit Process Server Jack Ryan has a reputation for finding men who don't want to be found. A string of seemingly unrelated crimes leads Ryan to the search for a missing stockholder known only as "unknown man #89," but his missing man isn't "unknown" to everyone: a pretty blonde hates his guts, and a very nasty dude named Virgil Royal wants him dead in the worst way. This is very unfortunate for Jack, who is suddenly caught in the crossfire of a lethal triple-cross and becomes as much a target as his nameless prey. Along the way, Ryan butts heads with local police, including six-shooter-carrying Dick Speed. Also of note is homosexual wannabe gangster Lonnie, whose "superfly" haircut was emulated by several of Leonard's other characters.

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264 pages