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Rules & Regs for Vegas Die 2.0 Treasure Hunt

Rules & Regs for Vegas Die 2.0—15th Anniversary Edition (Revised April 20, 2024)


Welcome. Thanks for becoming a Questor. And best of luck to you.


To begin with, you must buy ‘Vegas Die’ (2020) the 15th Anniversary Edition. The ebook should also have all clues contained within though page numbers might be out of sequence. I suggest the hard or softcover purchase.


 My idea on this New and Improved Quest Mystery hunt is to introduce you to Las Vegas and seek your return to a very exciting town.

Vegas Die 1.0 was highly successful and many Questors had a great amount of fun in the search.  The prize for Vegas Die 2.0 is not in the building where the hidden dagger was secreted.


There is one main prize, and that is finding the Spanish coin, yet during the course of the hunt there should be several mini hunts, more details to proceed as the hunt begins and clues begin to unwind.  This time we would like you to register if you are participating in the hunt, so we can create a database for fans and be able to notify you on any clue changes/additions and/or other future hunts.  We do not distribute your name/address to any third-party vendor. Through Quest we want to create a Quest Mystery community for the betterment of all and a center for other treasure hunts we feel worthy. Email us your contact info.  Those who register will receive any clue reveal one week before it is posted online at the website.

  1. Above all, there are no clues at the author’s house or on the curb.
  2. The treasure hunt will last until someone discovers the coin though the Author retains the right to end at anytime with valid reasons. There will be a review annually to make sure that Questors have all clues, additional clues, and such clues are still valid.
  3. The main prize (the coin) is not visible. The winner at the end can take the cash prize of $2,500, the coin, or both.
  4. No clue is within a building, or within 25 feet of buildings.
  5. Armchair Questors (AQuestors) are welcome, and you may guess by email (no phone calls), but it has to be to a specific location (not ‘it’s near a casino’, but more or less an example might be: ‘it is in the flower planter to the right of the bar’. AQuestors should make friends and partnerships with local citizens to gain eyeballs in the on-foot search. Better yet come to Vegas!
  6. The Prize is located somewhere within the Vegas Valley, but in a wider area including the West side of Lake Mead, NE out as far as LV Speedway, south to Primm (Stateline) and North and west to Red Rocks and Mt. Charleston. Clues in ‘Lafayette’ did narrow the geographical boundaries of the VD 2.0 hunt but do not offer the treasure location.
  7. The author is the only one who knows where the Prize is, and his decisions on issues are final. He may add additional clues as he feels appropriate.  He will try to answer every query.
  8. If you discover the ‘coin’ and are qualified as the winner, you will receive the cash prize. You may also opt to keep the coin as a remembrance to your achievement for overcoming all odds.
  9. More rules might be added at any time so please refer to the Quest Myster website on a regular basis.

Clue: From the original Vegas Die hunt finding a Red fish meant a ‘red herring’ and a false clue. But with Vegas Die 2.0 who knows?  Nothing is as it seems….but still float any trial balloon of a guess you wish, who knows?  And good luck.




RETURN OF THE QUESTORS…AGAIN  (From Epilogue, p. 412, Vegas Die hardback) --since re-publishing in 2024 update changes are below in red.


            Over 20 years ago I started toying with the concept of hiding clues, not too apparent on book pages yet within the writing itself, obscured within the story. This evolved into the Quest Mystery™ concept resulting in what is now referred to as, Vegas Die 1.0 (published in 2008). This novel was a best seller, won a prize and illuminated a new niche in the fiction world.  Flash forward into the midst of a pandemic, into the economic recession-depression of the tourist dependent Las Vegas. I have now set a goal to revise the Quest Mystery within Vegas Die 2.0 in a good faith effort to publicize the re-opened town as well as the book.

            I have many to thank for the continued interest and support in Vegas Die. Treasure  hunters Mike Cowlazars and Kristie Thor ( who through their website, podcasts, YouTube programs were in the forefront as search leaders on the Forrest Finn Treasure Hunt (now discovered) and have decided that this Quest Mystery will be their next worthwhile challenge.  Such people are called ‘Questors’.  Mike was active in the Vegas Die 1.0 hunt, and got sooo close to discovery. Others to thank are Kurt Brackob, publisher of Histria Books, who under the imprint of Addison & Highsmith, has made the decision to republish all of the Author’s past works, most recently the coming-of-age story, Lafayette: Courtier to Crown Fugitive (see  Thanks also to Seva Kalashinikov who over the years has been instrumental in website and social media services; Author Katie Salidas for editing support; artist Jerry Blank, seven-year friend M. Mantle, handling the Prize Pool [at this point not now being offered], and longtime friend, Michael McCombs, who heroically offered his name to Owen, with the hope there might be more Owen McCombs and Chase Taggart adventures in the future. Chase does pop up for a cameo role in “With Revenge Comes Terror”(was re-written and published in 2023 as Crimson Scimitar—no clues in that book), [no longer] free to fans thru Histeria Books. Prize and hunt rules of the Quest Mystery are to be found at the author’s new website,   And I hope to hear from those who enjoy historical novels with Quest Mysteries hidden within. See the end of Atomic Dreams (hard or soft book) for a real time stand-alone Quest Mystery Quiz.


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